Marine Flotation Foam

We partner with the best in the industry to bring our customers affordable marine flotation foam. Many different industries use flotation foam for various applications, but is most commonly used in marine settings, such as for a boat. This foam prevents boats from sinking, provides thermal insulation, and offers sound deadening. All three of these aspects are important to the boat and its overall use.

Let's take a deeper dive in the uses of flotation foam for marine uses. And be sure to check out our selection of urethane foam.

Our Urethane Foam

3 Reasons You Add Flotation Foam

Thermal Insulation

Not all boats use it for the thermal insulation, but you can use it this way. It can insulate various spaces aboard a vessel, but is more important for bigger boats. Especially if they have frozen or cool storage areas. And if you do not want any pipes to freeze, flotation foam can help keep those areas warmer during a cold winter.

Deadening of Sounds

For fishing boats, the use of our marine flotation foam can help deaden the sounds and help with the fishing. Sound quickly amplifies underwater, which hurts the fishing prospects. Footsteps, weight shifts and waves can lead to this amplification if you do not have foam.

Prevents Boat from Sinking

Preventing a boat from sinking is the #1 reason to use our marine flotation foam. This is an aspect that every single boat requires. It can help your boat from taking on water and going under. Potentially saving lives. Without the foam, the boat may sink quicker. The flotation foam cannot guarantee it from not sinking, but it is an added bonus. And at the very least will give you more time to handle an escalating situation.

But enough marine flotation will keep the boat from sinking, which as mentioned can be a lifesaver. Think of the flotation foam as a life jacket. There to prevent you from drowning. It will not stop it from taking on water, but will limit how much it sinks.

Our 2 Lb Density Marine Flotation Foam

Our flotation and void fill foams provide an excellent solution to manufacturers needing closed cell products for marine flotation. It is also great for applications like roto-molding and composite strength reinforcement. Our marine flotation foams exhibit excellent flow and cure times. And they are tested to U.S. Coast Guard specifications to meet USCG Title 33, Chapter 1, Part 183. So it is a dependable material to use.

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