Urethane Foam

Reinforced Plastics Lab is a trusted supplier and distributor or many quality products and materials, including urethane foam. Urethane foam also goes by the name polyurethane foam or simply poly-foam. All of the products and chemicals on our site are available at a wholesale rate and can be shipped nationwide. We pride ourselves on helping industries across the country with all of the laboratory needs. Urethane foam is a material that has many useful applications, as its properties adhere to various tasks. 

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Urethane Foam Properties

Polyurethane foams has many properties that can then be identified and used to suit its strengths. Here are some of the properties of the foam listed below:

  • This foam adheres directly to all building material surfaces, as its coverage is seamless and permanent, even around complex shapes.
  • A continuous air barrier is formed by the foam that exists for the duration of the building's lifespan.
  • It also forms a vapor retarder and water-proof barrier, thus making it resistant to dampening and damage from any sort of moisture.

By using urethane foam, you will be installing a quality insulation system that will only add to the strengths of the building it is applied to. 

Nationwide Supplier

Reinforced Plastics Lab has years of experience supplying and distributing urethane foam to many industries and businesses across the country. We have become a trusted and reliable source for quality lab products. For more information about urethane foam, or about any other products we carry, please contact us today. Our number is (631) 249-5490. We will gladly assist you with any questions you may have about any product on our site. Get in touch with us today to receive a free quote for any of our materials.