Gorilla Hair Fiberglass Long Strand Fiberglass Filler

We sell Gorilla Hair Fiberglass, which is a Long Strand Fiberglass Filler that is perfect for fiberglass auto body repair. In general, this Gorilla Hair Fiberglass Filler is perfect for automotive repair applications and results in smooth finishes. You can purchase our Gorilla Hair Long Strand Fiberglass Filler in quarts and gallons. So purchase the size appropriate to your tasks.

Buy Gorilla Hair

Gorilla Hair Fiberglass Long Strand Fiberglass FillerThis fiberglass filler is waterproof, self-etching and tack free. It also offers tremendous strength for reinforcing large rust-out areas by creating a superior bond to other fillers. This fiberglass filler stays put in very thick applications. It is also great at being forced into cracks and cervices. Even cracks and crevices that are tight to get into. Making the use of it simple and easy. You can also use it to rebuild shattered fiberglass and rotted-out sheet metal.

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How to Use Gorilla Fiberglass Filler

The Gorilla Hair we sell is a popular fiberglass resin body filler that many in the automotive industry use, especially those in the automotive collision repair field. You use the fiberglass resin body filler to build deep dents, which can't be pulled another method. This is due to the strong bond it creates with the surface. It is also commonly used to repair damaged fiberglass bodies on cars, trucks and even boats. The Gorilla Hair fiberglass resin is sold in with the hardener resin included. In order to properly use the filler, the hardener must be mixed into the resin for the fiberglass to properly cure.

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