How to Use Gorilla Hair Fiberglass Filler

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Reinforced Plastics sells a wide range of putties and primers, which includes Gorilla Hair Fiberglass Filler. The use of fiberglass reinforcement is crucial for many industries. And at Reinforced Plastics, we proudly sell many different types of fiberglass supplies to help with your needs.

But buying them is one thing. Knowing how to use them is another! Let's take a look at how to use Gorilla Hair Fiberglass Filler. Want to purchase some?

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Step 1

The first step for using this filler is to affix the 80-grit sanding disc to the dual-action sander. Then thoroughly clean the inside of the dent that is to be filled. The fiberglass resin will not stick to any smooth surfaces. So it is important that the entire concave surface of the dent is roughed with the sanding disc.

Step 2

For the second step, spread an appropriate amount of Gorilla Hair fiberglass resin onto the cardboard, which will be the mixing board. When you use it, you can use as much resin as you feel is necessary in order to properly fill the dent. Then knead the tube of resin hardener thoroughly to mix the contents and then apply a small amount of the hardener onto the top of the fiberglass resin.

Step 3

Now you mix the hardener and the fiberglass resin thoroughly with a paint stick. When you mix, there should not be a colored swirl mark in the resin. And ideally it will all be one consistent color. Then use the scraper or applicator to fold the mixture over itself several times. You want to be sure that the mixture is complete.

Step 4

During this step, apply a heavy amount of the mixed resin to the spot your are filling. Pressing it with the applicator into the grooves cut by the sander. Smooth the resin out toward the edges of the dent from the center. The working to smooth the fiberglass fibers down into the resin, so they completely fill the spot.

Step 5

In the last step of the process, you want to allow the fiberglass resin to cure completely. The chemical reaction of the hardener and the resin will make the mixture warmer. So you will need to wait for it to cool. Once it cools a bit, then you can sand the resin. Sand the resin in preparation for a skim coat of normal body filler.