Epoxamite Supplier

Reinforced Plastics Lab has a great selection of epoxamite products in our inventory. These products fall under the bigger umbrella of epoxy resins. In general, EpoxAmite is an easy-to-use liquid epoxy system formulated for a wide variety of fabrication applications. EpoxAmite is unfilled, low in viscosity, odorless and cures at room temperature. Cured epoxy displays exceptional physical and performance properties. It can be sanded, shaped, machined, drilled, tapped and painted. 

EpoxAmite can be used with reinforcements such as S-Glass, E-Glass, Kevlar and Carbon fibers for lay-up applications or composite parts. EpoxAmite can also be mixed with fillers such as fumed silica for gel coat applications. Urefil 3, Urefil 7 and other fillers can be added for fairing, filleting or bonding applications.

Check out our various EpoxAmite products below along with some brief descriptions about their usefulness.

  • EpoxAmite 101 (Fast): EpoxAmite 101 includes the EpoxAmite 100 Base and the EpoxAmite 101 FAST Hardener.
  • EpoxAmite 102 (Medium): EpoxAmite 102 includes the EpoxAmite 100 Base and the EpoxAmite 102 MEDIUM Hardener.
  • EpoxAmite (Slow): EpoxAmite 103 includes the EpoxAmite 100 Base and the EpoxAmite 103 SLOW Hardener.

EpoxAmite dispensing pumps are also part of this category of resin items. EpoxAmite pumps are calibrated to deliver the correct amount of Part A resin and Part B hardener with a single push. One Push ‘A’ + One Push ‘B’ = Correct Amount of product to mix. No need to weigh components using a gram scale or measure by volume using graduated cups. These pumps are identified by labels located on pump head.

Reinforced Plastics Lab is a trusted supplier of epoxy resins. We have years of experience in the industry and ship our epoxamite to clients nationwide. For more information about our epoxy resins, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding all that we offer. The number to call is 631-249-5490. Request a quote for the epoxy resin that you are interested in purchasing.