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Fast, Slow & Special Clear Hardeners

Reinforced Plastics Lab has a great selection of epoxy resins, which includes some handy epoxy hardener products. We carry a wide range of resins, which can satisfy nearly any kind of application. We are located in East Farmingdale, which makes us a trusted partner for many within the New York area. But we are also a nationwide distributor for all of the resins in our inventory. Our epoxy products can be purchased at great, wholesale rates.

For a free quote regarding any of our epoxy materials, please call 631-249-5490. So please, reach out to us today for more information about our epoxy resins.

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Epoxy HardenerWhat Does Epoxy Hardener Do?

Our epoxy hardener is available with a few different options. We carry fast hardener, slow hardener, and special clear hardener. The cure to a solid-state for a fast epoxy hardener is 6 to 8 hours, whereas the cure for a slow hardener is 10 to 15 hours. Both of these hardeners have a cure to a maximum strength of one to four days. So, it is simply the curing to a solid-state that delineates slow to fast.

The special clear hardener takes 10 to 15 hours to cure, like the slow hardener. However, the cure to maximum strength is four to seven days, which is longer than our other hardeners. It has an ultraviolet inhibitor, which helps provide a beautiful and long-lasting finish. All of our products deliver the results you'd expect. We partner with the best in the industry to get our customers the best epoxy hardeners on the market.

Trusted Epoxy Hardener Distributor

Reinforced Plastics Lab has years of experience in the industry. We provide a variety of industrial epoxy materials to customers nationwide, including epoxy hardener materials. All of our epoxy materials can be purchased at great, low prices.

Our Epoxies

For more information about our epoxy materials, please reach out to us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the benefits and uses of an epoxy hardener. The number to call to speak to a representative from our office is 631-249-5490. You can request a free quote for our items when you call, because we make it easy!