Body Safe Silicone for Molding

Reinforced Plastics Lab is a nationwide supplier of body safe silicone products. Check out our curated selection of body safe silicone products. For more information about these products, please reach out to us today. The number for our office is (631) 249.5490. When you call, we can provide you with more details about any of the products in our inventory. On top of this body safe silicone, we have a great selection of products including resins and fiberglass materials. Check out all we have to offer. We are located on Long Island in Farmingdale, New York. And we ship throughout the United States. So no matter where you are located, Reinforced Plastics Lab can deliver.

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Types of Body Safe Silicone We Sell

At Reinforced Plastics Lab, we sell various types of body safe silicone. The two most popular types of silicone to use on your skin are Body Double and Dragon Skin. Each one has a few different versions, so you can select the type that works best for your applications.

Body Double Silicone Series

Skin Safe Lifecasting Silicone Rubber

Body Double safe silicone is a long-lasting platinum cure silicone rubber that you can apply right to your skin. By doing so, the user can create molds of the face, hands, and other applicable body parts. This rubber will cure quickly and will reproduce perfect detail from any original model. And it has a high tear strength for long-lasting results. It is odorless and works better than your typical alginate. This cured material is skin safe and certified by an independent laboratory.

Learn more about this brand of body safe silicone by checking out their website. We proudly supply a great selection of the Body Double Series. Check out the different types of Body Double silicone we have in stock.

Body Double Fast Set Platinum Cure Silicone Rubber

When you use Body Double Fast Set Silicone, you will use less silicone per mold when compared to most alginates. Which means the cost per mold is about the same. Adding Hyper-folic release additive to this silicone creates a self-releasing silicone that you can then easily remove from hair-covered body areas. This is the "fast set," so you can use it for fast turnarounds due to its working time of 90 seconds and a demold time of 7 minutes.

Body Double STD Set Platinum Cure Silicone Rubber

Body Double STD is ACMI rated non-toxic and skin safe. Add hyper-folic release additive to Body Double STD silicone in order to create a self-releasing silicone that you can then easily removed from hair-covered body areas. Body Double “Standard Set” is meant for larger surface areas. It has a working time of 5 minutes and a demold time of 20 minutes.

Body Double Silk Platinum Cure Silicone Rubber

Body Double Silk is a self-releasing platinum-cure silicone rubber. You can apply it directly to the skin to make molds of the face, hands and other body parts. The rubber cures quickly and will reproduce excellent detail from any original model. Body Double SILK will release from closely cropped hair-covered skin surfaces, such as short beards, moustaches, eyebrows, pubic hair, etc. When you use Body Double Silk, you will not need to use release cream or hyper folic. This type will last for multiple castings of almost any material including plaster, wax, and resins. Body Double SILK has a working time of 6 minutes and a demold time of 20 minutes.

Dragon Skin Silicone Series

High Performance Silicone Rubber

Dragon Skin is a wonderful type of silicone that is safe to put on your body and use on your skin. There are various types of Dragon Skin silicone in order to match various applications and uses. In general, Dragon Skin silicones are high performance platinum curd liquid silicone compounds that are easy to color. Use Dragon Skin for a variety of applications that include creating skin effects and other movie special effects to making production molds for casting a variety of materials. And due to the superior physical properties and flexibility found in Dragon Skin rubbers, you can use it for medical prosthetics and cushioning applications.

Dragon Skin rubbers are also strong and stretchable, which means it will stretch many times its original size without tearing. And it will rebound to its original form without distortion. It is also certified skin safe and a time-tested, versatile special effects material. Many around the world use this rubber in order to make spectacular skin and creature effects. And it is easy to use due to its one-to-one mix ratio. So you can mix it 1A:1B without needing scales or precise measurements, even at a very low mass. Cure at room temperature with only negligible shrinkage. Learn more about this product line and check out our full selection of products below.

Dragon Skin F/X Pro Platinum Cure Silicone Rubber

Dragon Skin FX-Pro is a soft, stable, high performance platinum silicone rubber. It is specifically designed for creating silicone makeup appliances and skin effects to great ends. Dragon Skin FX-Pro is compatible with Skin-Tite silicone adhesive as well as medical grade pressure sensitive adhesives for adhering silicone appliances temporarily to the skin. Soft and stretchy FX-Pro has a Shore hardness of 2A. Combine it with slacker deadening agent in order to create a very soft silicone gel for filling encapsulated silicone pieces.

You can achieve an infinite number of color effects simply by adding Silc-Pig silicone pigments. Cured rubber can also be painted with the Psycho Paint system. Dragon Skin has a service temperature range of a constant -70°F to +400°F (-21°C to + 205°C).

Here are the other various Dragon Skin silicone rubbers we sell at Reinforced Plastics Lab. From slow curing to fast curing, get exactly what you need below!