Autobody Filler For Sale

Supplier of Autobody Filler Products

Reinforced Plastics has a great selection of epoxy resins and other materials for sale, including autobody filler for cars and vehicles. In general, a body filler consists of polyester resin with a cream hardener that forms a putty-like substance that is used to return a vehicle's body to its smooth surface after minor damage. For the most part, autobody filler is like a spackle that is used to cover holes and even out walls.

At Reinforced Plastics, we sell Z-Chrome Premium Lightweight Yellow Autobody Filler. A great product for commercial car and vehicle repair shops. For more information about this product, or any sort of product we sell, please reach out to us today. Located on Long Island, New York, we ship nationwide! When you reach out, ask about our wholesale pricing options.

About Z-Chrome Premium Lightweight Yellow Autobody Filler

At Reinforced Plastics, we sell Z-Chrome Premium Lightweight Yellow Autobody Filler. Z-Chrome is a stain-resistant filler that is self-etching for perfect adhesion with all metals. It is also tack free and pinhole free. And it feather-edges perfectly and is climatized for different areas of the country. Buy Z-Chrome today.

Where To Use Autobody Fillers

Over the years, body fillers have gained a bad reputation simply due to the fact that so many people do not know how to properly apply body filler. Oftentimes, you will see amateurs slather on the filler too thick without sanding or covering to too large of an area. Getting overzealous and expecting results to follow. When in the hands of a professional, body filler is a common item that is easy to use. Autobody filler is a thick, easy to apply substance when in the right hands. Many cars require the use of a filler in their lifetime and those who apply it are professionals, so you do not even notice.

Here are some places where you can use autobody filler:

  • small to medium dents
  • scratches that go below the paint level
  • small holes
  • hail damage

It is very easy to mess up a small patch job, which is why you see this work left to the professionals. And the professionals use products like the Z-Chrome Premium Lightweight Yellow Autobody Filler that we sell. 

Where NOT To Use Body Fillers

Here are some places where you should not use autobody filler as a means of repair.


Putting an autobody filler over rust will only make it look worse. However, if you need to fix a surface with rust, then sand off or cut it out completely and patch with sheet metal or mesh before adding filler.

Full Gas Tanks

Body filler is a flammable material and only resistant to gas once it is cured.

Areas Where It Is Too Hot

When you apply body filler in a hot environment, you will simply end up with a clumpy finish.

Different Types of Body Filler

In general, when it comes to body filler, there are different types of autobody filler one can use: standard, medium and premium grade. The type ultimately chosen depends on the extent of automotive damage. Here are the general reasons why you might opt to choose a certain type of autobody filler.


Standard autobody filler is a lightweight putty that cures in about 20-25 minutes. Standard grade fillers are typically only used on small scratches and minor dents.


Medium autobody filler is commonly known as fiberglass filler. This filler is useful for tiny holes or tears in either metal or fiberglass.


Premium autobody filler is also known as aluminum filler due to the microscopic particles in the consistency of the mix. The benefit of using this type of filler for larger repairs and dents is that is does not shrink, is easy to sand, and typically stronger than other fillers.