Duratec High Gloss Additive 904-001

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About Duratec High Gloss Additive 904-001

Blend with gelcoat to create a repair coating or to improve the initial properties of the gelcoat. A 50:50 blend with gelcoat will air-cure, even at the thin edge of a repair. The repaired area can be polished to a gloss that goes all the way to the edge. Prevent the ugly low gloss donut often seen in gelcoat repairs.

Duratec 904-001 High Gloss Additive is formulated to resist yellowing and provide a stable color even with exposure to bright sunlight.

Duratec 904-001 can be added to Tooling Gelcoat (15-25%) to improve air release and prevent porosity.

The High Gloss Additive can be added to any Duratec Primer to improve the gloss (for patterns and molds).