Gelcoat With No Wax

Reinforced Plastics Lab is a trusted distributor of a variety of industrial materials and products, including gelcoats. Among this selection is gelcoat no wax. Simply put, this is a gelcoat minus the wax. A gelcoat is a material that is used to provide a high-quality finish on the visible surface of any fiber-reinforced composite. As an in-house manufacturer, we can create a product that better suits your needs. So you know you are getting the product you want! The number to call for our office is 631-249-5490. When you call, we can provide you with a free quote and go over any other details you need.

No Wax Gelcoat Selection

No Wax GelcoatWe have a few different no wax gelcoat options in our inventory. These selections are broken down by the color of the gelcoat. The colors we have in stock are:

  • Black
  • Light Grey
  • Neutral
  • White

Gelcoats have different uses, so it can be crucial to find a color that best serves the need. Of course, black and white are popular and go great in many settings, but what is life without a little choice!

Gelcoat Types

The most common type of gelcoat is a thermo-setting polymer. Gelcoats, in general, are a modified resin that is applied to molds that are in a liquid state. It is a popular material to use when restoring shine to older fiberglass. One example of such a material is the finish of a boat. The difference between one with wax and one without is that a no wax gelcoat is used when multiple layers of coats are used on a single task. This speeds up the process. However, the last gelcoat must have wax.

Affordable Pricing

Reinforced Plastics Lab has years of experience providing clients nationwide with a great selection of no wax gelcoat. And since we are an in-house manufacturer, we have the ability to customize nearly any order. So you know you are getting an item that best suits your specifications. For more information about any product on our site, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our line of products.

Our Gelcoats

The number for our office is 631-249-5490. When you call, we can provide you with a free quote for any of the products or materials that we have in stock. So please, do not hesitate to reach out and talk to one of our experts today!